It's hard to imagine a person who is more knowledgeable and experienced in the world of illusion. Bruce Chadwick is a well-known designer, builder, consultant, historian, producer and performer of illusions and magic tricks. He is amazing!

But the best thing about Bruce is his heart for people. He really loves people and uses his skills to help them along life's way. Whether he's teaching children a trick or telling a large crowd about how Jesus can change their lives, Bruce is all about ministering to people. And he does it in a way that engages their attention and connects to their heart.

Robert DeVargas, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor of Communications and Foundations of Education,
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas

I have never sent a letter of recommendation for an evangelist, but I want to make you aware of a unique ministry. It is the ministry of Bruce Chadwick. In a time when we pastors are looking for something that will be effective as an evangelistic tool, I think I have a possibility for you.

Bruce presents a one day emphasis that resulted in nineteen professions of faith at our church. I have also been able to reach other families as a result of the decisions made during the services that Bruce led. God blessed our church. It was a fun day, but even more importantly a day in which people were faced with a decision of what to do with Christ.

Bruce works well with any pastor and has a heart to bless the church not hurt it. He loves the Lord and wants to be a tool to reach many souls for Christ. I wholeheartedly recommend using Bruce Chadwick in some way in the coming months or year. I will be glad to answer any questions you might have about this special day emphasis so just give me a call.

Doug Simon, Pastor
Indian Hills Baptist Church, Grand Prairie, Texas

Thanks for a super performance! You did just what we needed. Dr. Criswell was siting by me and he leaned over and asked, "Where did you find this young man? He is good!" And you are. Hope we can work together again sometime.

Sincerely, Millie Kohn
First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

A hearty "thank you" to you for the superb presentations you gave last Sunday. Your illusions amazed both youth and adults. During your performance, one of my workers exclaimed, "How did you hear about this minister? He's fantastic!"

It was obvious that the church thoroughly enjoyed your ability. You made them laugh, be attentive, and generally led them to have a blast! My youth group had been looking forward to your coming and you did not disappoint them.

Your skill at weaving the gospel into your illusions was impressive. You could have heard a pin drop as they listened to the gospel message and waited for the completion of the accompanying magical illustration. Best of all, several youth made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior! You are a top-notch professional and I will highly recommend you to others. Your ministry is unique and we pray that God will continue to bless and further your work. Thank you for a fine job.

Georganna Pruitt
Grace Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas

I have had Bruce in our church for an evangelistic one day (outreach). I am pleased to say we saw results of the Spirit in our midst. I found Bruce easy to work with and a joy to get to know during the day. His message is sound and the invitation genuine. A message such as this could easily sway anointing, but Bruce followed the Spirit of God to lead an invitation that brought people to a decision for Christ without an emotional frenzy.

I would highly recommend Bruce Chadwick for an evangelistic service that can reach people in a new and exciting way. Your community will be surprised at the professionalism he brings to the stage.

Doug Evans
First Baptist Church, Laguna Park, Texas

We want you to know how much we appreciate you coming to Thailand to share the Gospel using your illusion ministry. Your willingness to visit both the men's and women's prisions gave many unreached people an opportunity to hear of God in a way they could clearly understand. Your willingness to minister to the U. S. Marines, assist the chaplains, and reach those who would not normally attend a conventional worship service was wonderful.

From sharing with American missionary children, Thai children, and even those in the sex trade, the Gospel was clearly presented thanks to you. Your visit to Thailand has left an impact and has sown many seeds. We pray that these seeds will sprout and grow. We invite you to return and share with those in our darkended world as soon as you can.

Roy and Doris Burson, Missionaries
Bangkok, Thailand
International Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention

Bruce Chadwick is a super illusionist. He has performed for our group and has impressed and amazed everyone who has seen him perform.

His dedication to the Lord is first and foremost in his mind, and He takes every opportunity to express that feeling. I am convinced that through his illusion ministry, he has helped fill many pews.

Bruce is an excellent author and has written extensively on the subject of ilusion. Bruce is a masterful Christian Illusionist and we support and encourage his ministry to the fullest.

Raymond L Landy, Mayor
Westworth Village, Texas

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