Bruce Chadwick offers three exceptional performances designed to meet your ministry needs.

Sleight-of-Hand Illusion | Theatre of Illusion | Sunday Outreach

Sleight-of-Hand Illusion

Wand and GlassThis exceptional presentation is designed to clearly present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It consists of a one-person 45 minute long comedy illusion performance that has taken Bruce years to perfect.

This family program is filled with incredible sleight-of-hand, unique legerdemain, and participation of volunteers from the audience. This is Bruce's smaller program that can be transported easily by car or flown to performance destinations. It is the ideal program for intimate audience venues and is the evening program usually used for the Illusion Ministry Sunday Outreach.

Theatre of Illusion

SwordJust like the smaller Comedy Sleight-of-Hand Illusion program, the goal of this full-scale theatrical production is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and work an evangelistic thrust. It is an ideal program for larger audience venues.

This incredible program is filled with incredible stage illusions such as the sword box and floating a lady in the air! Over an hour in length, this spectacular program features a lively combination of fast-paced legerdemain, comedy talk routines, whimsical volunteer situations, and elegant illusion effects!Levitation

This family program is designed for larger audience venues. It can be performed on stages or in churches, gymnasiums, banquet halls or other places that can be set-up in stage-like environments. The program utilizes over two and a half tons of equipment including lights, sound system, and even a free-standing curtains for situations that require them. This program is usually transported by truck and requires 3-4 persons to perform. Depending upon the performance venue, it takes approximately four hours of private set-up time to get the program ready for performance. Note that all of the big stage illusion effects used in the Theatre of Illusion program were designed and fabricated by Bruce Chadwick Illusion Fabrications.

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Illusion Ministry Sunday Outreach

Grasp The Wrist
The Illusion Ministry Sunday Outreach is a dynamic one-day three program church-wide evangelistic event. It is designed to help churches reach out to the communities they serve with the message of Jesus Christ. Using the excitement and anticipation of seeing a professional illusionist in action, the event attracts many people who might never attend a traditional church service.

Often called "Entertainment Evangelism," the external goal is to provide wholesome Christian entertainment. The underlying goal is to tell people about Jesus and give them a chance to be saved. The Illusion Ministry Sunday Outreach event is comprised of three major events:

  • Sunday Morning Bible Study

    Christianity and the New Age Movement

    How should one respond to fortune telling, Ouija boards, palm reading, tarot cards, psychics, and astrology? From his unique perspective as a Christian illusionist, Bruce biblically examines new age practices such as these. He demonstrates illusion feats of mind reading, predictions, and apparent psychic accomplishments to show how susceptible the movement can be.

  • Sunday Morning Service

    Illusions in Life: An Illustrated Message

    Illusions and deception surround human life. The chameleon changes color to thwart his predators. The quarterback fakes handing off the football to mislead his opponents. All illusions in life are not healthy however. As a Christian and Master of Illusion, Bruce explores how some illusions in life can keep people from finding life's true meaning and purpose.

  • Sunday Evening Program

    Comedy Sleight-of-Hand Illusion Show

    Bruce's amazing Comedy Sleight-of-Hand Illusion Show is filled with unique magical effects, hilarious routines, illusions and audience participation! It is a free program for the whole family that is full of fun, laughter and excitement. During the second half of the program, Bruce uses illusion effects to talk about his own personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

To help churches maximize the potential of this unique one-day outreach, Bruce provides a complete Planning Guide. This guide helps local churches prepare for the event, advertise and promote it with the goal of getting as many non-saved individuals to the events as possible. The total promotions approach includes a mass-mailout of the illusion ministry's tri-fold brochure to the community that the church serves, the posting of full color 11 x 17 inch posters in the community, distribution of "free" tickets by students at their local schools, and telephone calls to invite people to the events.




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